A – D


Looking at some of my old posts, I really question my former self’s sanity 6 years ago. I’d prefer to not link back to those. Let us call it your reward (or punishment?) if you can find them.

Anywho, a few things are different in my life then vs. now. A lot has changed, and I like how Kelci put it: “…it’s been less than a blink, we have lived, we have accomplished much, and most (if not all) of us are a completely different person than the last time we shared with each other in this format.”

Really, the purpose of this blog for myself is mostly for self reflection and to be a point of comedy for others, so it’s really about me at this point. All me. Me everyday. Me every second. Me, me, moi. Therefore, this Spencer blog is not about saving the world – all it claims to be is personally therapeutic and mostly ridiculous.

So, I’m going to put together a comparison between my current and former self over the next few posts. I’m breaking it down by:

A. Goals, Aspirations, & Accomplishments

B. Beliefs

C. Daily Lifestyle

D. Satisfaction/Happiness

I’m far too important and busy to do all of this in one post, so I’ll go over A – D in a series of posts I’d like to call…

A – D.

I actually thought a lot about this. And I had 0 good ideas.

So stay turned on…A – D. Already starting to cringe at that series name. K bye.